Published at: 2016-08-22 13:47 | Author: CIj Hungary
There seems to be a lot less consensus at an international level about political risk and people seem to be more forgiving of government policies they disagree with. I think the political risk element has gone down in Hungary, but there’s also the question of value. The Hungarian market has quite clearly been under-priced.
Should we believe people in the market when they say they’re working on five to six deals? Has the market really woken up?

In terms of the number of deals and exclusivity, we are doing that on our own, and the positive thing is that most of the agents are probably in a similar situation. I’ve just spent the day on quite a large deal, one which we expect to be closed in a matter of weeks, not months. I’m jumping on a plane tomorrow and flying elsewhere to a meeting with some investors about a...

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