CTP developments accelerate in Romania: 300,000 sqm planned for 2021

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2021-03-30   15:51

CTP announces the rapid progress of construction work started this year. In Romania, CTP aims to complete the construction of its new buildings with a total area of 300,000 sqm by the end of 2021 and the investments dedicated to these projects will reach EUR 200 million.

A first successful project taking place at an accelerated pace is the warehouse that CTP is building for the logistics operator of Kingfischer, Quehenberger, within CTPark Bucharest West. The developer has already managed to raise 25 percent of the total area of the building just two months after construction started.
In addition to the warehouse for Kingfischer, the company that operates Brico Depot in Romania, CTP is also developing six other projects in its parks in Timisoara, Turda, Sibiu, Pitesti, as well as in the vicinity of the capital – CTPark Bucharest and CTP Bucharest North. These works have a market value of approximately EUR 200 million and will be completed by the end of 2021.

”CTP is recognized not only for the premium and custom services it offers its customers, but also for its speed in building the new constructions. We have already managed to erect 25 percent of the building for Kingfischer just two months after the start of construction work. This year, we want to continue to maintain the good pace we had in 2020 and to live up to the expectations of clients who choose to work with us,” said Valentin Rosu, Regional Development Director, CTP Romania.

The status of CTP work to be completed by the end of 2021:

• CTPark Bucharest West: over 25 percent of the work done
• CTPark Bucharest North: over 35 percent of the work done
• CTPark Bucharest: start of expansion work
• CTPark Pitesti: beginning of work