CEDES 2017: New dialogue crucial to improving Bratislava's transport infrastructure

CEDES 2017: New dialogue crucial to improving Bratislava's transport infrastructure

Published at: 2017-09-12 13:01 | Author: CIJ Journal
A wide-ranging and frank discussion of Bratislava's future development broke out at CEDES 2017 last week at the Radisson Blu Carlton. The discussion centered around the serious need the Slovak capital has for new infrastructure investment and for improved dialogue between the public and private sectors.

HB Reavis, one of the partners of the event, made it clear that in order to guarantee the long-term success of its current and planned new projects in the city, new public transportation will have to be built. The developer used the occasion of CEDES to outline its plans for a new cable car it plans to build across the Danube river, connecting Petržalka to the city's growing CBD.

Juraj Suchanek (IUR) said that in his intermediary role between private developers and state planning officials, he sees a growing awareness of the need for change. What's still unclear, he warned, is whether all parties are willing to move on to the necessary next phase. The concept of Smart City development was also discussed in depth, as speakers explored how cities go about deciding how to achieve changes that improve the way of life of their residents.

Santtu Hulkkonen of the consultancy Solved gave a fascinating opening presentation outlining his experience in Helsinki, where he helped coordinate that city's process of formulating and then realizing its Smart City goals.

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