Czech PM Babiš weakened by bizarre turn in farm scandal

Czech PM Babiš weakened by bizarre turn in farm scandal

Published at: 2018-11-14 07:29 | Author:
The story that's gripped Czechs today is what will happen next in the bizarre case of the prime minister's son. It's long been a mystery why police had never managed to question the younger Babiš in connection with his role into the alleged misappropriation of EU funds for the Čapi hnízdo farm. The farm was originally owned by prime minister Andrej Babiš's conglomerate Agrofert, but he later claimed it was owned by his children.

Reporters from the news server tracked down Babiš's son (also named Andrej) in Switzerland, where he told them that he'd was was forced to drive to the Crimea by an Agrofert employee named Petr Protopopov in order to avoid police questioning. Seznam also reported that Protopopov's wife, who is a psychiatrist, prepared a report on Babiš junior that claimed he was psychologically unfit for police questioning.

Prime minister Babiš says the reporters acted improperly by secretly taping the interview with his son and that they asked him "suggestive questions". However, the prime minister is facing a serious rebellion from the other parties in the country's parliament which may result today in a vote of confidence.

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