Svoboda & Williams is Launching the Sale of Orelská 13

Svoboda & Williams is Launching the Sale of Orelská 13

Published at: 2018-12-10 11:00 | Author:
Svoboda & Williams has been exclusively retained to launch the sale of 19 apartment units in the Orelská 13 residence, which consists of a fully reconstructed Art Nouveau building in the old part of Vršovice, only a few steps away from náměstí Svatopluka Čecha square.

The Orelská 13 residence is located close to architect Josef Gočár’s iconic Functionalist Church of St. Wenceslas on náměstí Svatopluka Čecha square, near the charming Heroldovy sady park. Krymská Street (according to the The New York Times one of the 12 most popular streets in Europe), with its unique cafes, bars, and galleries, is close-by. In the last decade, Vršovice gradually transformed itself into an attractive neighborhood with a vibrant cultural and social scene. The Orelská 13 residential project is also contributing to this trend. Originally built in 1911, the renovated Art Nouveau building includes a courtyard with an abundance of greenery. All of the improvements are based on the best architectural practices from the early 20th century while meeting the demands of contemporary urban living standards and modern interior design.

The Orelská 13 residence includes 15 one-bedroom apartments ranging in size from 40 sq. m. to 58 sq. m., two larger apartments (one-bedroom and two-bedroom) with their own gardens, and two newly built attic apartments with galleries and terraces that face the courtyard. The project also includes a freestanding garden house with a surrounding plot in the courtyard. The units boast smart layouts, replicas of original casement windows with insulated glass, replicas of double-wing entrance doors, and central heating. Each apartment comes with a storage unit in the cellar. The building will be completely refurbished, updated, and rewired, a new elevator will be installed, and the common areas and garden will be renovated.

Due to the prevalence of smaller sized apartments, Orelská 13 is ideally suited for individuals and couples who are drawn to and inspired by the special atmosphere and endless lifestyle opportunities that Vršovice has to offer. The residence is situated on a quiet street close to Moskevská Avenue, full of restaurants, cafes, and shops, which was revitalized in 2014 and is now the social center of Vršovice. Moskevská is connected to Heroldovy sady park and the reconstructed Rangherka House, also known as the Vršovice Castle, as well as celebrated Krymská Street.

The apartments will be offered in the state of white walls (prior to the completion of the final surfaces) with the exception of the attic units, which will be move-in ready. The handover of the apartments is scheduled for March 2019 (1st phase – 1st to 5th floor), and October 2019 (2nd phase – attic apartments and apartments with gardens). Potential buyers will have the opportunity to view a show flat in March 2019.

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