U Hájenky Apartments: Construction Has Commenced

U Hájenky Apartments: Construction Has Commenced

Published at: 2019-06-21 13:02 | Author: Svoboda & Williams
The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency has been exclusively appointed to sell the units in the U Hájenky Apartments residential project. Construction of the apartments has commenced on a plot of land near the Lipno Reservoir. On this previously empty meadow, 15 modern houses inspired by typical Šumava cottages that will consist of two separate apartment units with a terrace and garden will gradually be built.

The U Hájenky apartments will allow new owners the chance to live amid the beautiful South Bohemian countryside right next to the popular Lipno Reservoir and only 100 meters away from the new Loučovice ski slope. These apartments can be used and enjoyed year-round, and are therefore an excellent investment opportunity. The U Hájenky project also offers property management services that include taking care of any rental responsibilities as well as grass cutting and snow clearing.

The individual eco-friendly passive semi-detached houses are built according the Austrian STEICO construction system with a maximum emphasis on a healthy environment for future residents. Each house will feature superior insulation properties. The units are sold in a finished state, which can be upgraded to a premium standard.

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