CEDEM 2019: Pardubicky to discuss birth of Prague's rental market

CEDEM 2019: Pardubicky to discuss birth of Prague's rental market

Published at: 2019-08-28 13:05 | Author: CIJEurope.com
Tomáš Pardubicky, director of the leading residential developer FINEP, will be among the panelists at CEDEM 2019, which takes place on Sept 25 at Slovansky dům in Prague. He'll be taking part in the discussion on Prague's out-of-control residential prices, which has its roots not just in huge demand, but in the lethargic planning process, rising construction prices, and over-taxation. Pardubicky is one of those who says a new rental market is coming and his company is actively exploring how to take part in it.

"As an investor I can see that we have to go through a radical structural change," says Pardubicky. "I expect the radical change will be from an ownership to a rental market and that we're now facing the beginning of this."

Program information for CEDEM 2019 is available at cedem.cijeurope.com and registration at the August Special rates is possible until the end of the week.

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