Svoboda & Williams Mediated the Lease of 2,952 sq. m. of Office Space for the C2H Investment Group

Svoboda & Williams Mediated the Lease of 2,952 sq. m. of Office Space for the C2H Investment Group

Published at: 2019-09-12 13:15 | Author: Svoboda & Williams
The Nile House office building, which offers 19,000 sq. m. of administrative space, is now fully occupied. The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency, which mediated the lease of 2,952 sq. m. of office space for the C2H Equity investment group, helped make this possible. The headquarters of this important Czech company recently moved from Holešovice to Karlín.

The C2H Equity holding company, a parent company with three subsidiary investment groups, plays a significant role primarily in the Czech and Slovak fashion markets. In 2017, it bought a majority stake in the Pietro Fillipi brand. Six months later, its investment portfolio expanded to include Kara, a leather clothing and accessories brand from Trutnov, and this May it signed a five-year affiliation agreement with the French lingerie company Etam. Besides the fashion industry, the company also invests in real estate, technologies, and innovative projects. It owned a share in the Liftago startup, which it successfully sold this January, and is an investor in the company that manufactures Favorit Czechoslovakia bicycles. “C2H Equity’s growth was one of the reason that the company began to look for a new office,” says Sylva Turinská of Svoboda & Williams, who mediated the transaction.

Interior designer Simona Fritz is the author of the company’s unique offices. She decided to add statement upholstered furniture pieces or artwork by contemporary Czech and Slovak artists to make C2H Equity’s new headquarters more distinctive. The result is a unified space with a client zone, conference room, and offices. The Nile House building, which is part of the River City administrative complex, has a pleasant atmosphere. It was built by the Austrian CA Immo Real Estate Management company, an important office building developer. Nile House is one of the company’s most successful projects—it was the first building in the Czech Republic to acquire the prestigious LEED Platinum certification. It therefore adheres to strict demands for energy efficiency, uses a higher percentage of renewable energy sources, ensures good air quality, implements water saving measures, and uses more recycled materials.

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