Svoboda & Williams to Support the Cultivation of Wetlands in the Popický Pond Area

Svoboda & Williams to Support the Cultivation of Wetlands in the Popický Pond Area

Published at: 2020-01-31 11:13 | Author: Svoboda & Williams
February 2nd is World Wetlands Day. To celebrate this occasion, the Svoboda & Williams real estate agency decided to support the Wetlands Association, which has long been involved in soil water retention and the protection of endangered species, especially amphibians. The donated amount will be used for the cultivation of the Popický Pond area, where, thanks to the association’s efforts, the population of several rare species, such as the northern crested newt, the European tree frog, the moor frog, and the common spadefoot, has made a comeback.

The Wetlands Association focuses on both waterlogged and humid areas as well as drainage sites where newly created wetlands can bring back biodiversity. Wetland habitats are an integral part of the water cycle in our ecosystem. Compared to man-made reservoirs, they retain many times more water in the soil and in the landscape, have a positive impact on the climate due to the large amount of vapor they release, and they also cool down the surrounding area. All of these natural processes help lessen the impacts of climate change. Wetlands are also a refuge for many engendered animals and plants. However, due to irresponsible agricultural activity, surface drainage, the straightening and deepening of riverbeds, and the construction of water reservoirs, they are becoming increasingly vulnerable every year.

The protection and care of the Popický Pond area was started in 2010. To date, the pond and its surroundings have gone through significant changes that have contributed to the return of its biodiversity and successful water retention in its soil. At the same time, the number of amphibians has increased dramatically. Besides the large number of pool frogs, the population of the European tree frog and smooth newt has also gone up. The last species that has been identified there is the rare and endangered northern crested newt. An important biologically diverse site was created, which benefits us all. Svoboda & Williams is happy to contribute to its future development.

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