AFI buys Prague 8 project from Karlin Group
Czech Republic
AFI Europe has acquired a multifunctional project in on the corner of Thamova and Pernerova streets Prague 8 from Karlin Group. While Block B as it is  »
Today with 400 people, I think we could do more than we do today. Our teams are   »
The release of the Myslowice mine in the northern part of the city will result in a rise o   »
Work on Prague's new metro line finally underway
The Prague Transport Company (DPP) has begun work on the new metro line, which will connec  »
HB Reavis sells Skanska two Prague projects
Czech Republic
Skanska's Czech division has acquired the Merkuria office building on Argentinska street in Prague 7 from HB Reavis, a deal which includes a perm  »
Speedwell buys land in Timisoara
The developer Speedwell currently has two projects under construction: Triama Residence in  »
Ana Dumitrache, Country Head CTP Romania, says that constant innovation is the key to keep   »
SZDC suing Amadeus to invalidate Prague 6 land deal
The state company SZDC that maintains the Czech railway system is suing the developer Amad  »
Smartwings in financial peril over Boeing 737 MAX grounding
Czech Republic
The Czech Republic's biggest airline, Smartwings, has been thrown into turmoil following the refusal of its main shareholder to agree to raise it  »
Stokrotka opens store in Sukcesja
Stokrotka has opened a 1,100 sqm store at the Sukcesja shopping center in Łódź. The gro  »
Ioana Roman, Partner Filip & Company, says Romania’s government amendments to the new ta   »
Dozens of Prague politicians charged over flat privatizations
Police have brought charges against what's being described as dozens of politicians c  »