In north Serbia new windfarm to be build
Maestrale Ring, a Belgrade-based company, will build a major wind turbine facility in northern Serbia near Subotica. The 10,800 ha windfarm will produ  »
20.–21. 2. 2019 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, the 7th Adria Hotel Forum was held   »
The deputy mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesić was on hand to lay the foundation stone at the   »
New residential complex underway in Belgrade
Moj Krov has begun construction on a new residential and commercial project called Bulevar  »
Mona Plaza opens in downtown Belgrade
Mona Hotel Management has opened a new property in Belgrade’s Dorcol district. Mona Plaza is located at the corner of Solunska and Cara Urosa street  »
Wastewater treatment plant to go up in northern Serbia
The Serbian government will invest just over €1m into the construction of a wastewater t  »
Jelena Radulovic, Regional Director of Retail Agency, CBS International   »
Eco Rubber to start operating in southern Serbia
Eco Rubber will start processing tire waste in the Pirot Free Zone in Dimitrovgrad, southe  »
Gruner to build new production unit in southern Serbia
The municipality Vlasotince in southern Serbia has given Gruner an 8,186 sqm parcel of land worth €85,000. The German company, which manufacturers c  »
New €5.5m container terminal underway in Belgrade
Construction broke ground on a new container terminal with two new tracks, totaling 2.4 km  »
Online retail may be exploding across the rest of Europe, but it’s still in its infancy   »
Su-Prospect develops ‘smart’ building with weather station in Serbia
Su-Prospect has developed a “smart” building with a weather station in Subotica, north  »