IMF's GDP forecast for Bosnia falls to 3.1%
Bosnia & Herzegovina
The International Monetary Fund downgraded its economic growth estimates for Bosnia in 2019 to 3.1 percent. Its previous prediction for the country fr  »
Mineco plans new investments in Srebrenica mine
Gross mine PJ Srebrenica in Bosnia has continued to set record production levels. In 2018  »
Fortuna City shopping center opening in Prnjavor
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Leburic Komerc will open Fortune City in Prnjavor, Bosnia, on Saturday. The company invested €6m in the 12,400 sqm shopping center, which will inclu  »
Heta to exit Bosnia this year
Bosnia & Herzegovina  ♦  Heta to exit Bosnia this year
Heta Asset Resolution, the “bad bank” of Austria’s dissolved Hypo Alpe Adria, is pul  »
Brewery Tuzla investing €2.8m in Bosnian operations
Brewery Tuzla is planning to invest €2.8m to expand its operations in Bosnia. The brewer  »
Krajina Klas to invest €5m in 2019
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Krajina Klas, which is based in Banja Luka, northwestern Bosnia, is planning to invest €5m to expand its operations this year. The company is well-k  »
Sevenpul opens new production plant in Bosnia
Sevenpul, which is part of the Benetton’s Olimpias Group, has opened a new plant in Bije  »
Elektroprivreda HZ HB opens new headquarters in Mostar
Elektroprivreda HZ HB has opened a new office building in Mostar which will serve as the p  »