Real income rose 5.6% for Czechs in 2019
Czech Republic
Czechs enjoyed real income growth of 5.6 percent in 2019, the fastest pace over the course of a year in two decades. Accordingly, the increased wealth  »
Zdenka Klapalová, Board President of Association for Real Estate Development an   »
Czech Republic  ♦  Editors Letter
The last two weeks have blown up all of the predictions and assumptions...   »
Shipping delays to Prague blamed on virus
Shipping along the Czech river network has snarled because of delays in completing constru  »
Gardening centers allowed to trade but sales have plummeted
Czech Republic
The timing of the COVID-19 crisis could not possibly have been worse for gardening stores, since the run-up to spring is the busiest time of year for  » spouští online obchod s trvanlivými potravinami
Koronavirová krize možná uštědřila těžkou ránu kamenným obchodům, ale interneto  »
Today with 400 people, I think we could do more than we do today. Our teams are now ready   »
Svoboda & Williams Presents Flexi Rentals: A New Concept of Rental Housing
The Coronavirus pandemic has affected all segments of the real estate market, including re  »
Czech Republic to cover salaries for parents of young children
Czech Republic
The Czech state will most likely end up paying parents who are unable to work because they have to take care of young children for as long as schools  »
ExxonMobil agrees to lease 15,500 sqm at Luxembourg Plaza
ExxonMobil has taken a 15,500 sqm lease in Luxembourg Plaza in Prague 3, a move that will  »
Some co-working centers target the hipster crowd, but Opero's tried to create a space for   »
Svoboda & Williams Newly Offers Real Time Video Property Viewings
Due to the current recommended preventive measures that aim to minimize personal contact,  »