Forint falls to historic low against the euro
After the forint fell to a historic low against the euro, the central bank said it would offer collateralized loans at a fixed rate of 0.9 percent to  »
With crisis looming Prime Minister of Hungary Victor Orban revealed his plan to   »
Wigan Associates is looking for co-working space operators around the region as well as th   »
MKIK unveils measures to fight economic fallout in Hungary
The Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (MKIK) has suggested a number of measures t  »
BMW to continue developing €1bn Debrecen plant
While car manufacturers start suspending operations across Europe in response to the coronavirus outbreak, BMW is forging ahead with construction of i  »
Hungary to vote on bill allowing Orbán to rule by decree
The Hungarian government is asking parliament to extend the state of emergency to help con  »
The revived economy has seen demand for passenger and cargo service spike at Budapest's Fr   »
Hungary-Slovakia border crossings remain open for transport of foods, services
In an effort to maintain fast movement of goods, food and medical supplies, the Hungarian  »
Parisi Udvar Hotel opens in Budapest
Mellow Mood Group has opened new hotel in central Budapest. The company invested more than HUF 13bn in the project, which was a renovation and reconst  »
Prologis, Norges buy US logistics portfolio for $2bn
Prologis and Norges Bank Investment Management acquired a US logistics portfolio for $1.99  »
Strong backing has helped the oil production giant break through the 96 meter mark to deve   »
Hungary signs strategic cooperation agreement with ICBC
The Hungarian government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Industrial and  »