FAKT AG to invest €1bn in Hungarian agricultural project
The German company FAKT AG is going to invest in a new center in northwestern Hungary. The €1bn investment will go towards its horticultural product  »
Wigan Associates is looking for co-working space operators around the region as   »
The revived economy has seen demand for passenger and cargo service spike at Budapest's Fr   »
Housing prices in Hungary’s Balaton average €3,200 per sqm
Housing prices in Hungary’s Balaton region are on the rise. Apartments along Lake Balato  »
Gunter Tata to invest HUF 8bn in Hungary
The German company Guntner Tata Hutotechnika plans to invest HUF 8bn in western Hungary. The refrigeration equipment producer will invest in a new fac  »
The Austrian based company FLE GmbH has acquired the Achat Premium Budapest, according to  »
Strong backing has helped the oil production giant break through the 96 meter mark to deve   »
GMD to build car parts factory in norther Hungary
The French based company GMD group will build new plant in northern Hungary in Dorog where  »
Bosch to invest HUF 9.6bn in Hungary by 2020
Bosch is planning to invest HUF 9.6bn into its automotive electronic base in central Hungary by the end of next year. The Hungarian government said it  »
SK Innovation to build new plant in Hungary
SK Innovation will build second battery plant in Komarom, northwestern Hungary. The invest  »
GalCap Europe, has acquired Central Udvar, its second property in Budapest after buying Me   »
AEW buys two properties in Budapest
AEW bought two properties in Budapest on behalf of a German separate account. The acquisit  »