Lincoln and Fidurock complete first Slovak retail investment
Lincoln Property Company and CEE investor Fidurock have closed their first two real estate acquisitions in Slovakia. The Saratov shopping center in Br  »
The Crowdberry platform is helping to finance a network of worker dorms to help   »
The pace of Bratislava’s residential market appears to be shifting. Until recently, pric   »
Slovak mortgage volume rises to €25.9bn
The Slovak National Bank reports that the country's banks have handed out a total of  »
Mortgage tightening drives Slovak residential demand
Demand for flats in Slovakia is rising, according to in the daily SME, especially among those who fear that a further tightening of restrictions on mo  »
Slovakia in the finals for fifth major automobile plant
Slovakia is in the final round of a tender for yet another automobile manufacturer. It  »
Vladimir Lakatos (Tatra bank) says the residential boom is likely to extend into next year   »
Beblavy warns of dangerously high Slovak debt levels
The Slovak parliamentary deputy Miroslav Beblavy told his colleagues he believes a serious  »
Slovak president Kiska to name new government
The Slovak president Andrej Kiska is expected to accept a revised list of cabinet members today from the country's incoming prime minister, Peter  »
Slovak president refuses to accept proposed cabinet
Slovakia's president Andrej Kiska has rejected the new cabinet that was presented by  »
Penta Investments is prioritizing speed of sales in Bory over getting the highest possible   »
108 Agency helps Den Braven consolidate in east Slovakia
Den Braven has consolidated its industrial footprint with a decision to operate out of a n  »