Mubea building €51m Slovak auto parts factory
Mubea Engineering has begun construction of a new factory in Kežmarok where it will produce automobile parts. The German companz will also be setting  »
The CEDES Roundtable in Bratislava last quarter highlighted the strategies of co   »
It took the Czech investor till the end of 2018 to make its first acquisition in Slovakia   »
Slovak companies demand rental flats for employees
In reaction to the worsening labor shortage, a Slovak association of business owners calle  »
Slovak PM suggests higher minimum wage
The policy priority of Slovakia's government in the coming months will be to improve the business environment in the country. In addition Aktuali  »
Uber free to return to Bratislava after year's absence
Uber can now return to the streets of Bratislava, following the introduction of a new law  »
Penta Investments is closing in on the completion of phase 1 of its Bory Homes project, pa   »
VW closes Kosice minifactory
Volkswagen has ended operations of its smallest factory, a mini-production center near the  »
Bratislava region's GDP per capita 8th in Europe
The GDP per capita of the Bratislava region ranks 8th of 281 regions in the EU 28 group of nations, according to new data from Eurostat. Inner London  »
Wilsons extend successful run to Slovakia at GLE Awards
Wilsons has enjoyed a major success at the 10th Annual GLE Awards, a prestigious event tha  »
The Crowdberry platform is helping to finance a network of worker dorms to help attract de   »
Lordship discusses SNP square again with Bratislava's mayor
The developer Lordship has met with Bratislava's mayor Matúš Vallo about the never-  »