Hyundai in Nošovice to ship transmissions to Kia Motors Slovakia
The Czech Hyundai plant in the town of Nošovice may have put off the resumption of production until April 14, but Kia Motors Slovakia continues to pl  »
J&T Real Estate (JTRE) has taken a step forward on its plans to extend the Eurov   »
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Slovak retailers could get 80% rent reduction
Stores that were forced to close as a result of the Slovak government's measures to p  »
O2 reopens Slovak stores on reduced schedule
The mobile telephone network operator O2 has reopened its stores in Slovakia after a decision nine days ago to close them. However, they'll be ru  »
Slovak retailers protecting, sharing staff
Health workers and people in the security forces are working on the frontlines of the coro  »
Cristina Dumitrache, Managing Partner (Cushman & Wakefield Slovakia) outlines the challeng   »
Slovak industry could be directed to help in virus fight
The chairman of Slovakia's parliament has called for the country's industrial ba  »
First sections of Bratislava bypass to open in March
Nearly 30 kilometers of the new R7 expressway near Bratislava is within weeks of opening. The Slovak Minister of Transportation Árpád Érsek said he  »
Bratislava's residential crisis imitating Prague's from two years ago
Bratislava is facing a drastic lack of supply of new apartments, according to a report by  »
Natalia Kiskova, Global Head of HubHub, says the company’s goal is to bring together lik   »
Slovakia catering to small companies with low taxes
Slovakia reduced its taxes for entrepreneurs and for smaller companies. Those whose income  »