CIJ Serbia | 2019-08-15 09:41
The e-car sharing company GreenGo and smart parking specialist firm Parkl have unveiled six new charging stations in Bud  »
CIJ Serbia | 2019-08-15 09:21
Numerous international airline carriers are planning to expand their route options to and from Budapest in the coming mo  »
CIJ Serbia | 2019-08-14 09:39
Construction is set to break ground next year on a new motorway that will connect Jaz and Tivat along the Montenegrin co  »
CIJ Serbia | 2019-08-08 09:40
Slovenian power grid operator ELES is partnering with Renault on an e-mobility project, which will focus on advanced ele  »
CIJ Serbia | 2019-08-06 10:13
A new 4.1 km boulevard with three traffic roundabouts is planned for Tivat along the Montenegrin coast. The Municipality  »
CIJ Serbia | 2019-08-02 09:44
The Bosnian company Autoceste FBIH has signed a contract with the contractor Euro-asphalt Sarajevo for the construction  »
CIJ Serbia | 2019-08-01 09:59
Generali Group’s Hungarian insurance division, Generali Biztosito, has acquired the Hungarian portfolio of ERGO. The t  »
CIJ Serbia | 2019-08-01 09:56
The online job search portal secured a HUF 200m investment from the state-owned venture capital fund Hiventures  »
CIJ Serbia | 2019-08-01 09:49
Est Media Nyrt is set to acquire Delta Systems Kft for HUF 28.6bn. Est Media will cover the majority of the purchase pri  »
CIJ Serbia | 2019-07-30 10:16
The Chinese based company CRBC will build an 84 km stretch of two-way rail in Serbia between Resnik and Velika Plana . C  »
CIJ Serbia | 2019-07-26 09:40
In 2019 the Hungarian government will allocate HUF 1.89 billion to support ongoing and new projects of ethnic Hungarians  »
CIJ Serbia | 2019-07-25 10:15
Bosnia’s Council of Ministers approved a €14m agreement with the German Development Bank to finance a project that w  »
CIJ Serbia | 2019-07-24 11:19
The Serbian government has secured a $40m loan from the World Bank to implement measures that will help reduce crowds at  »
CIJ Serbia | 2019-07-19 09:57
The Bulgarian government has selected a French-German consortium to operate the airport in Sofia. SofConnect includes Me  »
CIJ Serbia | 2019-07-18 10:05
Croatia and Bosnia have agreed to pay for the construction of a bridge across the Sava river in an investment estimated  »
CIJ Serbia | 2019-07-17 10:45
Eco-friendly boats will offer a new public transit option around Kotor Bay along the Montenegrin coast starting next mon  »
CIJ Serbia | 2019-07-17 10:37
A new 25 km motorway between Ulcinj in southern Montenegro and the Albanian border has officially opened. The project co  »
CIJ Serbia | 2019-07-17 10:23
CEZ Distribution secured a construction permit to replace its transmission line and partially reconstruct two of its sub  »
CIJ Serbia | 2019-07-16 10:50
The French based broadcaster Euronews together with the Serbian-based media group HD-WIN are launching Euronews Serbia.  »
CIJ Serbia | 2019-07-16 10:09
A new 35,000 sqm passenger terminal has been opened at the Split airport along the Croatian coast. The value of the in  »
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