CIJ Journal | 2016-11-21 11:40
Foreign direct investments fell 21 percent y-o-y on the Bulgarian market in the first nine months of 2016, according to  »
CIJ Journal | 2016-11-18 10:52
The average monthly income per household member in Bulgaria was €668 in Q3, up 3.7 percent y-o-y, according to the Nat  »
CIJ Journal | 2016-11-16 09:02
The Czech Republic could soon serve as a European financial hub for China. The banking panel at the Czech-Chinese invest  »
CIJ Journal | 2016-11-15 11:44
Romania’s economy grew by 4.4 percent y-o-y in the third quarter, according to data published by the National Statist  »
CIJ Journal | 2016-11-15 11:02
NEPI reported €149m in rental income for the first nine months of 2016, according to financial results published by th  »
CIJ Journal | 2016-11-10 11:28
Warsaw, Nov. 14, 2016 - CIJ celebrated 15th edition of its CIJ Awards event at Warsaw’s Westin hotel to honor the indu  »
CIJ Journal | 2016-11-09 11:33
Bulgarian exports to the EU grew by 4.8 percent y-o-y to €10.32bn between January and August, according to the Nation  »
CIJ Journal | 2016-11-07 11:27
Macedonia’s export volume between January and September increased by 6.1 percent y-o-y to €3.18bn, according to the  »
CIJ Europe | 2016-11-04 13:20
pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank and Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) continue the cooperation over the financing of housing pro  »
CIJ Journal | 2016-11-04 10:40
Česká spořitelna’s consolidated net profit for the first three quarters of 2016 jumped 7.1 percent to CZK 11.9bn. I  »
CIJ Journal | 2016-11-03 11:43
Poland’s state-run giant PKO BP has sealed the PLN 850m takeover of Raiffeisen Leasing. The seller, Raiffeisen Bank In  »
CIJ Journal | 2016-11-02 12:05
In a move intended to alleviate the government’s budget deficit by targeting ‘tax optimization’ schemes, Poland’  »
CIJ Journal | 2016-11-01 10:56
The Slovak banking sector reported its best results in five years in the first nine months of 2016. Net profits jumped 6  »
CIJ Europe | 2016-10-26 11:56
AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) has announced that Franz Wenzel will join the Institutional Solutions Strategy team as  »
CIJ Journal | 2016-10-24 11:19
The average gross wage on the Macedonian market increased to €532 in August, according to the latest figures published  »
CIJ Journal | 2016-10-18 11:17
Croatia’s GDP is expected to exceed 2.3-percent growth this year, according to Croatian National Bank (HNB) analysts.  »
CIJ Journal | 2016-10-18 10:56
The Czech National Bank has forbidden Sberbank from financing real estate development. The Czech branch of the Russian b  »
CIJ Journal | 2016-10-11 11:34
Between January and July, Bulgarian exports to the EU grew by 4.3 percent y-o-y, amounting to €8.95bn. Main trading pa  »
CIJ Journal | 2016-10-11 11:33
Seven Croatian cities secured a total of €345.35m in European structural and investment funds to develop urban areas a  »
CIJ Journal | 2016-10-06 11:46
The Macedonian export volume between January and August totaled nearly €2.78bn, up 6.2 percent from the previous year,  »
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