CIJ Journal | 2016-02-03 10:00
Spain’s economy has been growing at a faster rate in recent months than at any time since 2007. The country’s Nation  »
CIJ Journal | 2016-02-03 09:57
Hungary’s Monetary Policy Council is expected to re-start its previous policy of cutting interest rates, according to  »
CIJ Journal | 2016-01-28 11:16
EU sanctions against Russia have taken a heavy toll on Latvia’s export market. Dana Reizniece-Ozola, the country’s m  »
CIJ Journal | 2015-12-07 10:58
The Bulgarian economy grew by 2.9 percent y-o-y in the third quarter, up 0.7 percent from the previous three-month perio  »
CIJ Journal | 2015-12-07 10:57
Overall construction prices on the Macedonian market dropped 2.4 percent y-o-y in Q3, according to the state statistical  »
CIJ Journal | 2015-11-17 10:25
The eurozone's economy was up 0.3 percent in the third quarter, according to recent figures published by Eurostat.  »
CIJ Journal | 2015-11-13 10:56
Unemployment in the UK dropped to 5.3 percent between July and September, the lowest it’s been since the second quarte  »
CIJ Journal | 2015-10-28 10:15
As of 2014, Slovenia’s GDP as measured by purchasing power parity (PPP)is 83 percent of the European Union average, ac  »
CIJ Journal | 2015-10-21 10:51
A third of all small and medium-sized companies operating in Poland report difficulties in finding Polish specialists, a  »
CIJ Journal | 2015-10-15 10:52
The unemployment rate in the UK dropped to 5.4 percent, a seven-year low, between June and August, according to a labor  »
CIJ Journal | 2015-10-14 10:23
Standard & Poor gave NEPI a preliminary BBB- credit rating for long-term financing with a stable outlook. "NEPI  »
CIJ Journal | 2015-09-18 11:39
Spain’s airport network had a record August, with the passenger volume hitting 24 million. Of that total, 17.3 million  »
CIJ Journal | 2015-09-11 14:37
According to Cushman & Wakefield report, Spain remains one of Europe ́s fastest growing economies with q/q growth i  »
CIJ Journal | 2015-07-13 09:58
Roughly 30 Škoda automobile dealerships are set to close as new guidelines governing such outlets have been changed. Th  »
CIJ Journal | 2015-05-11 13:25
The Polish Finance Ministry expects the country’s GDP growth will hit 3.4 percent this year. Deputy Prime Minister Art  »
The Advisers/Knight Frank | 2015-04-22 10:47
Although U.S. routes dominate the world’s private jet market, journeys between emerging markets and the world’s lead  »
United Kingdom  ♦  UK economy grows by 2.8% in 2014
CIJ Journal | 2015-04-01 11:09
The UK economy grew by 2.8 percent in 2014, up from an earlier estimate of 2.6 percent, according to the Office for Nati  »
CIJ Journal | 2015-03-25 10:17
The UK inflation rate drop to zero in February from 0.3 percent in January, according to the Office for National Statist  »
CIJ Journal | 2015-03-02 10:34
Polish GDP figures are on track to grow by 3.4 percent this year, according to Finance Minister Mateusz Sczurek. In fact  »
CIJ Journal | 2015-02-18 09:55
UK consumer price inflation rate fell to an all-time low of 0.3 percent in January from 0.5 percent in December. Market  »
Arco capital is finishing up construction on Build
Jelena Radulovic, Regional Director of Retail Agen
The project is the first large-scale retail scheme
Having expanded across Poland, the successful cafe