Adidas agrees to pay rent in PR disaster
At the beginning of the week, the global shoe retailer Adidas made the controversial announcement that it would be taking advantage of the German gove  »
J&T Real Estate (JTRE) has taken a step forward on its plans to extend the Eurov   »
On Romania’s many construction sites it’s business as usual. There may suddenly be ext   »
KanAm buys Danske Bank headquarters in Copenhagen
KanAm Grund Group has acquired the King Square site in Copenhagen for the German pension f  »
Hyundai in Nošovice to ship transmissions to Kia Motors Slovakia
The Czech Hyundai plant in the town of Nošovice may have put off the resumption of production until April 14, but Kia Motors Slovakia continues to pl  »
Hassle-free mortgage deferrals for Czech borrowers
People and companies in the Czech Republic will most likely be able to defer mortgage paym  »
Poland’s crisis has finally arrived. Having enjoyed years of stable growth, even escapin   »
Echo Investment sells apartments in second stage of Stacja 3.0 in Wrocław
Echo Investment has started selling apartments in the second phase of its Stacja 3.0 resi  »
Slovak politicians trash Matovič's 'blackout' plan
Slovakia's newly elected prime minister Igor Matovič is considering a controversial plan to implement a so-called "blackout" of the co  »
NIS providing fuel for Air Serbia medical equipment deliveries
NIS Group, Serbia's dominant fuel producer, has donated 270 tons of aviation fuel to  »
With crisis looming Prime Minister of Hungary Victor Orban revealed his plan to prop up th   »
Shaken real estate market in Croatia due to viruses and earthquakes
Until the coronavirus pandemic struck, real estate prices in Zagreb and the Adriatic had b  »