Grant Thornton: The number of job offers fell by 24.3% y/y in January

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-02-18   10:18

In January this year, employers in Poland published 224.2 thousand new job offers, i.e. 24.3% less than a year ago (compared to a drop by 16.7% y/y in December), according to Grant Thornton, whose technological partner was Element, in the report "Labor market during COVID-19" .

In January 2021, employers in Poland published 224,000 new job offers, which is as much as 24.3% less than in January 2020, which is the second largest decrease since May. Perhaps this is just a one-off poor result, caused e.g. by exceptionally a cold winter, which negatively affected the number of job offers in the construction industry, but we will have to wait for the next months for a clear assessment of the situation.

Poznań remains the leader of the decline in the number of jobs with 52% fewer job offers than a year ago. The situation is completely different in Szczecin or Kraków. Here, the number of new recruitments still has not returned to the pre-lockdown level, but the difference is small - only 4% and 9% respectively. The situation in Lublin and Bydgoszcz is not much worse.

In the largest cities of Poland, on average, there are only 7.3 job offers per 1,000 inhabitants (compared to 8.4 a year ago). In January 2021, Warsaw offered the most job offers - an average of 11.4 job offers for each thousand people. Krakow, which has been the leader of this ranking so far. The worst result is Poznań, where there are only 2.6 job offers for the same number of inhabitants.

The pandemic and its negative impact on the labor market resulted in a decline in demand for most professions. In January 2021, however, an increase in new offers for office professions, especially in the area of ​​HR, marketing and law, is visible - there are still fewer of them than a year ago, but the annual drops are already small. There is also a visible increase in the demand for representatives of medical professions. However, declines in demand are still pronounced among manual labor occupations.

"January, compared to December, recorded an almost 30% increase in the number of published ads, but the beginning of the year is still weaker compared to January 2020. As expected, the pandemic still casts a shadow on the growth dynamics and certainly with such a situation we will have to deal with at least until the middle of the year. Consolation should be the stable number of new infections in February, which should bring a further increase in employment in the second month of this year "- said CEO Element. Recruitment Automation Software Maciej Michalewski.

The first month of the new year did not bring any major changes in terms of the attractiveness of job offers. In January 2021, future employees were offered an average of 6.1 incentives and benefits - 0.1 more than in December 2020.

In January 2021, employers' requirements for future employees stabilized. Their average number is 5.4, which is the same as in December 2020. Employers still want experience (77% in January 2021) and education (48%). The only major change recorded in January 2021 is the increase in the percentage of offers requiring the knowledge of a foreign language - since December it has increased by about 7 points. percent and is 36%.

The research described in the report was conducted among real job offers published on 50 of the largest portals in the analysed period. The data was collected using the automatic job offer monitoring tool developed by Element.

Source: ISBnews and EU stat.