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What is User status?

User account gives you subscriber access to new features when they happen, including Encompassme newsletters, tutorials and invites to selected VIP events. Signing up either here for web access or by CIJ Reader applications available on Apple iOS or Android Google Play as a User and gain access to business news and CIJ new features, actions and connection opportunities as they become available.

What’s encompassme?

Encompassme your source of news in business. It also provides extensive business news that's not available through conventional channels, and it serves as a hub for this news to be distributed in all directions, to websites, social networks and blogs for readers with access via their computer and smart applications like the CIJ Reader Apple iOS or Android Google Play. All of the information posted on encompassme is provided by the major companies and CIJ reporters.

For who is the site intended for?

Encompassme targets established business professionals in many fields, including marketing and public relations along with specialists operating in Energy, Financial, Health, Industrial, Media, Services, Real Estate, Retail, Consumer, Tech, Telecoms and Transport. With a view of people interested in the sectors, we also made encompassme available for individuals who intend to extend their knowledge for business and education.

How can I become a member of encompassme?

To become a member of the encompassme community you simply need to register on the website and follow the instructions. Select the type of account you wish to create before you start the registration process. To expand the range of possibilities that encompassme provides, choose either a Premium or Corporate Account. If you are interest in a more easy account try Basic.

I'm having problems logging in

First, ensure you’re using the correct password. If you cannot remember your password, use the Forgot Password link and follow the instructions. If you continue to have problems logging in, let us know through the Contact us form. You'll need to provide us with the data you entered during the registration process using an email address associated with your username in order for us to take a look at your account history.

Forgot your password?

If you can't remember your password, use the Forgot Password link in the right sidebar. Enter in the e-mail address you used during the registration process and we'll send your the password as soon as we receive that message. If you continue to have difficulties, let us know through the Contact us link.

How can I change the password?

After logging into the site, all you need to do is enter your account settings, enter your current password, replace it with the new one and confirm the changes you’ve made. If you experience any difficulties, contact us and we’ll provide you with further instructions.

How can I change my username?

Once a user account is created, the username cannot be edited or changed in any way. You'll need to create a new account or contact us through our support site to change the information you provided during the registration process.

What is Publisher status?

After your Access Request is confirmed, your content will reach a broad range of professional in sectors such as Energy, Financial, Health, Industrial, Media, Services, Real Estate, Retail, Consumer, Tech, Telecoms and Transport. Our distribution channels include CIJ Readers, CIJ web pages, CIJ Newsletters, CIJ search engine and external search engines.

How can I become a Publisher?

Start with selecting 1 of our 3 account packages during the registration process and follow the instructions. You’ll be able to publish as soon as your Access Request is confirmed. Don't forget to include all the required data about your business on the encompassme Company Page and upload your logo in Account Settings section to present your company to all users, readers and outlets.

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