Hungarian government despite planning to veto EU budget is already allocating funds from that budget

by   CIJ Hungary
2020-11-16   10:05

Despite Viktor Orban’s government planning on vetoing the next EU budget for the years 2021-2027, they have published in the Hungarian Gazette the allocation of funds from that budget. The Hungarian state intends to spend over EUR 1,6b on the development of roads in the years 2021-2024, with nearly half of that amount to be spent by 2021. The government has also decided the EU will give EUR 20m towards the development of the riverport in Mohacs. Despite the allocation of funds from this budget, Hungary intends to veto this very same budget on the basis that the EU wants to connect EU funds to rule of law. According to Brussels Orban’s cabinet is not following these guidelines, meaning Hungary would not be eligible to receive these funds.