RONSON to develop suburbs of Szczecin

by   CIJ News iDesk II
2021-01-12   15:38

RONSON Development has started construction of the second stage of Nowe Warzymice residential project in the suburbs of Szczecin, in Kolbaskowo commune. A total of 460 units in low-rise multi-family housing will be built on an 8-hectare investment area. The project provides for the availability of duplex apartments. There will be also flats with terraces, balconies and gardens. The first stage of the Nowe Warzymice investment includes 54 apartments with areas ranging from 29 to 89 sqm. In the second stage of the investment, RONSON Development will build 66 apartments with areas from 30 to 88 sqm. The price will start from 207 thousands PLN (prices per square meter range from PLN 6048 to 6994). The general contractor of the project is Ebud.