Skoda Auto expands robotic parts delivery to production line in Kvasniny

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-10-02   09:03

Skoda Auto is using a robot at its Kvasiny plant to pick starter batteries from the pallets provided and then supply them to the production line just in sequence. The significance of this is that it means the company has moved the pick-to-sequence handling of parts (the delivery of the right parts to the right assembly line in the right order) from the warehouse to the production hall, thus making the production process even faster. Kvasiny is the Czech car manufacturer’s first site to adopt this innovative system in warehouse logistics. Skoda has invested a total of €450,000 in implementing the process and has already filed a patent application for the system. Once a few relatively minor adjustments have been made to its hardware, the innovative handling robot will be able to be used at many other workstations too where processes are carried out using sequencing.