LOCONI Intermodal leases space in OKAM property in Warsaw district of Żerań

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-05-26   17:03

LOCONI Intermodal S.A. company has leased almost 2,000 sqm of office and warehouse space and nearly 80,000 sqm of space for transport on the premises of the railway cargo terminal in OKAM property located at Jagiellońska Street, in Warsaw district of Żerań. Walter Herz, leading agent for commercialization of the project, represented the owner in the lease process.

LOCONI Intermodal has been operating on the Polish logistics market since 2011. The intermodal operator organizes transport of containerized cargo, using various forms of transport in the supply chain. The company has a network of handling terminals and provides regular intermodal connections between seaports and terminals in various locations.

"Intermodal transport is one of the most dynamically developing branches of the logistics sector in Poland. It is a great satisfaction for us that LOCONI Intermodal, which ranks among the largest intermodal operators on our market, has chosen this Warsaw location for developing its own logistics facilities and expanding the network of serviced terminals. The smooth course of the lease process, which required careful negotiation of technical, legal and financial conditions, allowed the parties to quickly reach a compromise and conclude a contract," says Piotr Szymoński, Director Office Agency at Walter Herz.

"Recent years have shown how important efficient transport solutions are for the proper functioning of the economy. Intermodal logistics combines road, rail, sea and air transport, which enables safer and, more importantly, timely delivery of cargo. This type of transport allows not only to shorten the delivery time, but also to reduce costs. Enterprises have shown great interest in the effectiveness of transport, as well as the environmentally friendly solutions. To accommodate the growing needs of the market, we are constantly expanding the transportation network. The Warsaw cargo handling hub is an important link in our company's transport connection system," admits Dariusz Barcik, vice-president of Loconi Intermodal S.A.

"Commercialization of the property in Warsaw Żerań is a great challenge even for such an experienced company as ours, which has been successfully investing in Poland since 2004. The implementation of plan to rebuild the area of over 60 ha and restore the reputation of the former car factory in Warsaw, which we have undertaken, will take several years. The scale of the project is so large that the preparation process for the implementation of this project itself will take several years. The complex currently offers space of various functions and an extensive logistics, warehouse and production infrastructure. Its full commercialization has already been carried out, thanks to the support and commitment of Walter Herz experts," informs Arie Koren, member of the OKAM board.

OKAM property is located on the premises of a former car factory at Jagiellońska Street in Warsaw. The complex, which covers an area of 62 hectares, offers office, service and warehouse space, as well as space intended for exhibition yards and parking lots. It is the only location in Warsaw with its own railway siding, enabling the creation of an intermodal terminal. Most of the space in the complex is characterized by a wide range of parameters, which creates multiple lease options for companies looking for non-standard solutions, combining warehouse, production, logistics, office and service space. On the premises of the historic factory in Żerań, where the last car left the assembly line in 2011, there is a museum devoted to the history of the automotive industry in Poland. The location of the property provides direct access to the S8 route.