24% of Polish employers want to hire, the same number to lay off in Q4 2022

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-09-13   10:30

24% of companies want new employees in Poland in the fourth quarter and the same number are planning job cuts, according to the report "ManpowerGroup's Employment Outlook Survey". The net employment forecast (the difference between the percentage of companies planning an increase and the percentage planning a decrease in employment) is + 1%, which means a decrease by 9 percentage points. q / q Employment growth is expected in 5 out of 10 analyzed sectors.

Analyzing the data for ten market sectors, it will be relatively easy to find a new job in the sectors of finance and banking as well as IT, technology, telecommunications, communications and media - in both of these sectors the net employment forecast is + 6%. Positive recruitment moods are also indicated by employers representing the other services (+ 15%). A slight increase of + 1% is also forecast in the area of ​​wholesale and retail sales, as well as education, health and public administration, according to the report.

Job cuts are planned in the primary production sector, where the forecast is -9%. The layoffs are also forecasted by representatives of the construction industry (-7%) and industrial production (-5%), it was also announced

This is a particularly big change for the last two sectors, as the net employment forecasts for the third quarter of 2022 were optimistic for them and amounted to + 17% for construction and + 29% for industrial production.

ManpowerGroup's general manager in Poland, Tomasz Walenczak, assessed that "the situation on the labor market at the end of the year should not deteriorate dramatically, and what we can be sure is considerable restraint in making decisions about large increases in employment".

"We can also expect greater resistance to succumb to the wage pressure of candidates and employees, as well as a re-examination of companies' plans related to employee increases," he added.

Taking into account employment by region, in Q4 the largest number of new employees is sought by companies located in the south-western part of the country (+ 11%), recruitment is also planned by organizations in central Poland (+ 4%) and northern Poland (+ 2%).

In the eastern part of the country, companies do not expect any changes in employment in Q4 (0). Job cuts are declared by companies from the south (-5%) and north-west (-3%) regions.

The least optimistic recruitment plans are indicated by micro-enterprises (up to 10 employees) which announce job cuts (-21%), and the most willing to employ medium-sized companies (50-249), indicating the forecast at the level of + 8%.

The survey for the fourth quarter was conducted from 1 to 31 July, on a representative sample of 509 Polish employers. Globally, over 40,600 companies took part in it.

Source: Manpower and ISBnews