50,000 new employment contracts signed in 2020 construction sector and almost 25,000 in 2021

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2021-04-21   10:28

“In the context of the pandemic, starting with April 2020, paradoxically, the construction companies also experienced a favorable situation, namely that of the decrease of the labor force deficit. Many Romanian workers returned to the country or many who worked in other sectors returned to the construction sector and were employed in construction companies. We could say that in 2020, in the construction sector, 50,000 new employment contracts were signed, and in 2021, almost 25,000 ″, said Sorin Greu, general manager of Bog’Art.

The builders fear, however, that with the economic recovery in several states of the European Union, the Romanian workers will leave the construction sites in Romania again. "However, we believe that with the economic recovery at EU level, the labor exodus will certainly resume its previous course. So we will have to have a plan of measures, of retention of the labor force in the country ", adds Sorin Greu. Without measures, builders expect a new labor crisis in 2022.