77% of Poles always calculate whether they will be able to pay off their loan

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-02-23   09:50

Most Poles (77%) admit that before taking out a loan or credit, they always calculate whether they will be able to pay it back, according to the study "How to borrow Poles" carried out by IMAS International at the request of the National Debt Register (KRD). 14% of respondents do it once, and sometimes not, and make such a step dependent on a given circumstance, while 9% do not think about whether they will be able to return the money.

"Nearly every fourth borrower admits that he does not think about whether he will have enough money to pay off the loan. That's a lot, but in fact the percentage of such inconsiderate people is higher. We do not like to admit to such behavior, even in anonymous surveys. financial possibilities before taking a loan or a loan on your shoulders is very important, however, it is not enough in making decisions, because financial possibilities can change at any time, as the pandemic clearly reminded of, so an important element is to prepare for the eventual failure to pay off incurred obligations. Our research shows that 66% of Poles know what the consequences are.24% admit that they more or less know what will happen in such a situation, and every tenth person has no idea what will happen when they stop paying back their contract. commitment "- said the president of KRD Adam Łącki.

The KRD survey shows that more than half of Poles (54%) are currently repaying loans or credits. Most often they incur one liability a year and they do so mainly in banks (83%). Usually it is a cash loan (48%) or installment loan (37.8%). 23.5% have a credit card.

Among the borrowers, nearly half are people aged 25-44. Most often, a loan or a loan is granted to people with secondary (38.5%) and vocational education (37%). Most of the repayers work professionally (63%), and nearly every fifth earns a pension. 3/4 of people who have a loan or a loan live with a partner, and half with children, it was also stated.

Nearly every third Pole with a loan spends the borrowed money on the purchase of household appliances or RTV equipment (35%). Every third spends them on renovation of an apartment or house or its equipment. Another expenditure financed by the borrowed money is the purchase of a car (17%), a computer or a smartphone (15%). 13% of people make a new commitment to pay off already taken credits or loans.

When making commitments, it is very useful to know the offer and the market. Most Poles are aware that it is better not to get into debt with institutions that offer loans without checking creditworthiness and verifying customers in the Economic Information Bureau. 68% of Poles are reluctant to offer such entities. Every sixth Pole allows the possibility of taking loans from companies that advertise that they grant them "without checking in the KRD and BIK". Another 15% cannot confirm or rule out whether they would decide to do so, it was also indicated.

The nationwide survey "How to borrow Poles" was carried out by IMAS International on behalf of the KRD in November 2020 on a representative group of 1,007 people who have loans or credits.

Source: ISBnews and IMAS International