A private investor plans to build a new urban district in Třinec

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-09-15   10:28

A private investor wants to build a new quarter in Třinec, Frýdecko-Místecko for more than a billion crowns. It should include, for example, 160 apartments, a kindergarten, a park, a community center with services or a nursing home. The city councilors have already become familiar with the investor's intentions, according to Stanislav Cieslar, the spokesperson of the municipality.

"If this were to succeed, an unsightly part of the city would be transformed into a modern place to live. There are not many locations in the territory of Třinec where such a district could be created. We need new apartments for young people, kindergartens, homes for the elderly. For the city, it would be such the project is financially and personnel demanding, which is why the establishment of a kindergarten, nursing home and new apartments would be beneficial," said Mayor Věra Palkovská (Osobnosti pro Třinec).

According to the spokesman, the owner of the land and a private investor is the company Třinecký Concept. "It will not be a luxury district, that is not our intention. The prices will correspond to the market environment in our region and with regard to the place where the district should grow. With these new apartments, we would like to offer an attractive alternative, also in terms of price, to the old panel apartments, which are now in other parts of Třinec. Some of the apartments will be for sale, some would be rented out. There should also be plots for the construction of family houses," said Michal Pitucha, director of the real estate and development company, which represents the investor during the project preparations.

According to the spokesperson, there are now mostly uninhabited apartment buildings in the locality. At present, some buildings are being reconstructed and rehabilitated in the place. About 25 residents still live in the place. "The condition of some of the buildings is deplorable. In the long term, it is unsustainable. It is necessary to do the best in the first phase to ensure that housing for these old settlers is safe. We are gradually dealing with everyone, and everyone will be offered safer and better quality apartments that we have available in different parts of the city," said Pitucha.

According to him, the entire project is divided into six stages. "Work is already underway on the first stage, which includes the reconstruction of 24 large-scale and no longer occupied apartments with front gardens in the western part of the site," Pitucha noted. The investor plans to use subsidies to build a school or nursing home.

Source: CTK