According to Mátl, the first stage of the D1 motorway extension in Brno could start in summer

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-05-05   10:22

Four constructions of the Brno Grand Ring Road in the part of Bauerova and Žabovřeská Streets, Tomkovo Square and Rokytova Street should be completed by the end of next year. Next year, the Roads and Motorways Directorate (ŘSD) wants to start construction of the Vinohrady Tunnel, which will complete the eastern part of the ring road. Work on the extension of the D1 motorway to six lanes in Brno could also start this year. ŘSD has already selected the contractor, ŘSD Director General Radek Mátl told journalists today during an inspection day at Tomkov Square.

"Such huge constructions inside the city are very complicated, but I believe that by the end of next year all these sections of the large urban ring road will be completed. After that, we would like to start with the Vinohrady Tunnel, and this year we plan to select a contractor and a contractor for the tunnel's exploratory tunnel. It is technically possible to start construction in 2025 or 2026," Mátl said.

Transport Minister Martin Kupka (ODS) said the government is now in the middle of a debate on how to manage next year's budget, but he said the large urban ring road is among the priorities for which money should be provided. "The Brno ring road, like the D52, D35 and Prague ring roads, is one of the key constructions. The level of construction of the large urban ring road in Brno is unique, the cost of investments under construction exceeds CZK 5 billion. I think that nowhere else in the Czech Republic is it being built in such intensive operation," he commented.

Mátl highlighted the cooperation with the representatives of Brno, who inform the inhabitants about the traffic restrictions caused by the construction, and he perceives that the drivers understand them. He reminded that in the summer, the traffic regime on Tomkov Square will change and cars will drive in different lanes. However, traffic will still remain restricted. Once the construction is completed, the large urban ring road will be functional from the Husovice tunnels to the intersection with Rokyta Street under the Vinohrady housing estate. Traffic heading from Tomek Square to Vinohrady and Lišně will avoid the intersection of Svatoplukova and Rokytovy Streets. The road engineers are gradually building a flyover to cross the railway line in Židenice.

In the next few years, ŘSD also wants to increase the capacity of the D1 motorway on the southern part of the Brno bypass. "We have selected the contractor for the motorway extension to six lanes and already this year we should start the first section between the Brno-jih and Brno-centrum junction. We don't know yet when exactly the work will start, but it should be in the summer months so that a certain stage will be completed by winter. The exact timetable will be decided after the contract with the contractor is signed," added Mátl.

Source: CTK