After Tesco in Piątkowo, Poznań

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-09-14   08:17
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Echo Investment, which owns a plot at ul. Opieński in Poznań's Piątkowo, presented a proposal to replace the old tinsmith of a hypermarket with a modern, green and open estate, and with the help of local experts, began the consultation process. The company bought over four hectares of land owned by Tesco in 2020 and plans to transform it into a green and open part of the city with apartments, shops and services on the ground floors, city squares, a park 300 m long and 20 to 40 m wide, as well as a convenient supermarket what was the neighbors' postulate. The developer has initiated the consultation process on its own initiative, in consultation with the City Hall, although it is not obliged to do so. The ongoing process is in line with Echo Investment's idea of ​​co-creating good cities.

Consultations conducted by Hanna Rzepecka and Artur Brzyski, independent experts from Poznań, were divided into 5 stages. First, the first concept of the estate and the park was presented, and the collection of feedback among the residents of nearby estates and representatives of the local community began. The next step is to analyze the collected material and make its results available on the dedicated website This will be followed by expert workshops with selected residents, activists, entrepreneurs and the expert community, where research results will be discussed and ways to improve the concept will be consulted. Based on the collected recommendations, the architects will prepare a concept and visuals for further consultations. After presenting the introduced changes, experts will collect comments on the new version of the concept in order to make further corrections.

The main goal of the consultants is to learn about the needs and expectations of the space, functions and solutions shared by the local community in order to contribute to Echo Investment's designers to better adapt the project.

"In order to ensure that we reach the largest group possible, we have used various tools of social consultations. We collect the opinion of the local community through individual interviews, online and paper surveys, which we provide, among others using mailboxes. We also organized a live meeting during the consultation duty on September 4, where we answered questions from residents on a regular basis. Since then, we have received over 250 surveys. We actively invite the most important stakeholders of the project to talk. This only confirms that this process is needed, the residents want to get involved and together we will be able to work out a project that meets the needs of Piątków," says Hanna Rzepecka, a city researcher involved in the consultations.

The developer's ambition is to create a plot on the plot at ul. Opieński's model housing estate project - with well-thought-out architecture, greenery, access to attractive services on the ground floors of the building, where residents can take care of all their basic needs within a short walk. The current proposal is an open and multifunctional space - a comfortable housing estate with service facilities and a green area, also available to local residents. When designing the estate in Piątkowo, Echo Investment placed great emphasis on creating a social space here. The developer wants to provide the residents and guests of this investment with access to amenities that not only improve the quality of life, but also promote pro-ecological behavior, such as easy access to public transport, vast green areas or neighboring gardens.