Agnieszka Gutowska appointed as Nhood Head of Brand Marketing & Communication in Poland

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2024-06-17   12:54

Nhood, which provides comprehensive services to the real estate industry, is introducing a new global structure in its Brand Marketing & Communication team. The new Brand Marketing & Communication department is headed by Audrey Delavault, Global Head of Brand Marketing & Communication, who leads a team of experts in 11 countries. At Nhood Services Poland, Agnieszka Gutowska was appointed Head of Brand Marketing & Communication in May.

Agnieszka Gutowska, Head of Brand Marketing & Communication, is responsible for shaping the brand image in Poland, taking into account the competences of the three business lines Property & Asset Services (PAS), Development (DEV) and Resources, Fund & Investment (RFI). Agnieszka Gutowska's responsibilities include participating in the development of the brand's global marketing strategy, developing a strategy and budget plan tailored to the Polish market, managing cross-functional Brand Marketing projects, developing an effective digital communication and PR plan, as well as planning B2B events and working closely with the Marketing, HR and ESG, DATA and Business Development teams.

As a member of the international ESG Synergy team, Agnieszka Gutowska has been given the role of ESG Communication Leader, where she works on the global communication of Nhood's ESG strategy.

"I am very pleased that in my work I will be carrying out tasks related to building the Nhood brand and strengthening its identity and the vision expressed in its claim of creating better places (Des lieux en mieux). Nhood is constantly evolving, creating new unique developments such as Wilanów Park and the Góraszka Project, which are in line with the above and follow the strategy of the triple positive impact of People, Planet, Profit. The new role will allow me to combine my experience in ESG with my professional passion for branding and communications. I am working with a talented, versatile team, which will certainly translate into new ideas that will allow us to realise the global vision together," emphasises Agnieszka Gutowska, Head of Brand Marketing & Communication Poland.

Agnieszka Gutowska has been heading the work of the Nhood Services Poland marketing team for 5 years, and previously served as marketing director of Ceetrus Poland for 4 years. She is responsible for the comprehensive implementation of the communication strategy of the Nhood brand and the marketing strategy for 24 shopping facilities throughout Poland. Among her competences are also the creation, implementation and execution of the sustainability strategy and its reporting. She co-created the Nhood and Ceetrus brands and led the team responsible for their launch on the Polish market. She developed the assumptions of the marketing and communication strategy for the new investments Wilanów Park and Projekt Góraszka. She also introduced the Oshoping quality mark to the Polish market and developed branching stardards using it for 8 shopping facilities across Poland. On her initiative, the first ever international Nhood sustainability report according to the GRI standard was produced in 2023 and concerned activities in Poland.

Agnieszka Gutowska is a member of Nhood's international groups "Vision in Action" and Synergy ESG.
In her work, Agnieszka Gutowska achieves numerous successes and her sustainable development activities have been recognised with an award in the CSR Poland Awards 2024 in the CSR Leader category. The CSR Poland Awards 2024 is the second edition of the initiative, which aims to recognise the best projects of companies and corporations in the field of corporate social responsibility, as well as leaders of CSR activities in companies. Agnieszka Gutowska received an award in the CSR Leader category as a person who effectively implements CSR projects in companies and motivates others to act.

Nhood's new Brand Marketing & Communication department has been created to support, through an international strategy, all of the company's business areas as well as its ongoing projects. By leveraging synergies between the 11 countries in which Nhood is present, the experts of the Brand Marketing & Communication department aim to position the company as a leading player in the B2B real estate market.

Nhood's new global Brand Marketing & Communication department is headed by Audrey Delavault, Global Head of Brand Marketing & Communication. She is accompanied by Deborah Linet, Head of Brand & Image and Boris Toulemonde, Head of Brand Development, who are responsible for brand development worldwide, together with Valérie Chupin, Head of Ecosystem Communication & Relation.

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