Allegro is launching a comprehensive logistics service for One Fulfillment sellers

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-09-14   09:25

Allegro launches a new logistics service - One Fulfillment by Allegro, which includes the storage, packaging and delivery of goods, as well as customer service throughout the delivery process, the company said. Allegro is launching its logistics service at A2 Warsaw Park. By the end of 2022, 1,200 employees will find employment in the new Allegro logistics service.

Sellers who decide to use the new service will be able to offer their customers not only a wide selection of delivery methods at attractive prices negotiated by Allegro, but most of all they will ensure their shipment the next day after the purchase or even the same day.

"With One Fulfillment, we plan to further shorten delivery times, lower costs and improve customer predictability. Ultimately, customers will also be able to purchase from multiple sellers from one warehouse center, and the order will be shipped in one parcel, which is both more economical and ecological," said business development officer at Allegro Grzegorz Czapski.

"Thus, sellers will be able to increase the attractiveness of their offers and significantly increase sales. The new service will allow them to spend time and resources - so far devoted to logistics - on what is most important, i.e. acquiring attractive products, their good presentation on the platform and professional customer service. Sellers will maintain high quality of deliveries even during sales peaks and will not have to invest in professional warehouses and their equipment themselves," he added.

Currently, more than 80% of orders placed on Allegro reach customers within 1-2 days and delivery times are dynamically accelerating, as indicated in the material.

Allegro is launching its logistics service in A2 Warsaw Park, where it has an area of ​​36,500 sqm. Almost 2,800 sqm are offices and leisure space for employees. Ultimately, the total operating area of ​​the Allegro Warehouse with the system of internal mezzanines will be 65,300 sqm.

The new Allegro warehouse will employ 1,200 employees by the end of 2022. In order to ensure the highest possible level of security, Allegro provided properly planned and large spaces in the facility, which allows maintaining an appropriate distance during the COVID-19 pandemic. managing changes between teams while ensuring all recommended security measures in accordance with the best practices.

Source: ISBnews