Alsin exceeds the 75% sales threshold in First Estates Pipera

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2024-02-07   13:03
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Romanian developer Alsin Management exceeded the 75 percent sales threshold in First Estates Pipera, the first residential project in Romania which will offer free heating to all its residents. The company will also start in the immediate period the development process of First Estates Villas, a premium project with 20 villas located in Pipera area, with a market value of EUR 9 million, that will also offer very low maintenance costs.

First Estates Pipera comprises 464 double studios and apartments with two, three and four rooms, following an overall investment of over EUR 40 million. The first phase, with 232 apartments, is in an advanced development stage and will be delivered in April 2024, while the second phase will be delivered in February 2025.

The project is the first residential complex from Romania that will offer free heating for all its residents, following an investment of over EUR 3 million carried out for the development and use of an innovator system of geothermal heat pumps and photovoltaic panels.

The energy efficiency and the results of the two technological systems, that of the heat pumps and that of the photovoltaic panels, were certified following a specialised audit carried out by BuildGreen, one of the leading sustainability and ESG consultancy companies in Central and Eastern Europe specialized in sustainable development, carbon neutrality, decarbonization, audit and certification - with over 350 projects in 18 EMEA countries, totaling over 10 million square meters and EUR 10 billion investment.

Thus, the two innovative systems used by First Estates Pipera will annually produce an energy surplus of 50 percent higher than the individual heating consumption of all the apartments in the project. The photovoltaic panels, which will be placed on the roofs of the buildings, will produce the energy necessary for the full operation of the heating pumps and, depending on their use, will also provide a surplus of electricity which will be used by the resident’s association according to their decisions.

”Thoroughly planned projects, which really invest in innovation and differentiating technological solutions, which use 100 percent renewable energy, are very few on the market and that is why we are rewarded with excellent results. Future residents will probably have the lowest maintenance costs on the local market, while investor will obtain higher returns. All these technological systems will also be implemented in the development of First Estates Villas and they will lead to an expenses reduction towards zero, but also to a reduced impact on the environment,” stated Andrei Sarbu, CEO SVN Romania, the real estate consultant and exclusive agent of the two projects.

In addition to the initial plans, the developer will also implement in both projects a passive cooling system through the floor, which will offer a higher degree of efficiency compared to the classic cooling system, current estimates indicating an over 30 percent decrease in the cooling costs of the apartments.