An international competition will determine the shape of the completion of Vítězné náměstí

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-08-02   03:02

The shape of the completion of Vítězné náměstí in Prague 6 will emerge from an international architectural competition. It will take place in the form of an international competition workshop, which will be in accordance with the competition rules of the Czech Chamber of Architects. The winning proposal should be known in June 2023. The conditions of the competition were approved by Prague councilors yesterday.

The development of the currently undeveloped part of the square is planned by the Fourth Quadrant consortium, i.e. the association of companies Penta Real Estate, Sekyra Group and Kaprain. Offices, shops, residential premises and a new building of the University of Chemistry and Technology (VŠCHT) should be built on the land between Evropské and Yugoslávské partisans streets.

According to the schedule, which is part of the approved document, the receipt of applications should end around mid-September this year. Subsequently, several workshops will take place and interested parties will continuously submit their proposals. The jury will first select six to ten applicants based on the application for the competition. The selected teams will prepare the concept and then the architectural design of the development. Subsequently, three to five of the contestants selected in the first round advance to the second round. The final proposal should be known next year in June.

Everyone will have to respect in their proposals the original urban concept of the square from 1924 designed by architect Antonín Engel. In the conditions of the competition, among other things, the needs of Prague 6 to supplement the missing civic amenities and services are taken into account. The conditions of the preservationists will also have to be respected.

The winner of the competition will be selected by a jury consisting of architects and urban planners. Penta Real Estate and Sekyra Group, VŠCHT and the Prague municipality will have their representatives on the jury. Deputy mayor Jakub Stárek (ODS) will represent the sixth city district, the representatives decided yesterday.

A consortium of developers bought land with an area of ​​20,122 square meters, i.e. the majority of the buildable area in the so-called fourth quadrant of Vítězné náměstí between Evropské and Yugoslávské Partizánů streets, for roughly one billion crowns in November 2021. The director of commercial construction of Penta Real Estate, Pavel Streblov, announced at the time that he would a multi-functional development was to be created, the developers of which expect to be completed by 2028. VŠCHT sold the land to developers with the understanding that, with the money obtained, they would build a new university building with teaching spaces and facilities for students and academics.

Source: CTK