An unknown thief stole almost two kilometers of cables on the track near Přerov

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-01-13   07:59

An unknown thief cut and stole almost two kilometers of cables between the traction poles at the railway line in the local part of Dluhonice in Přerov. This happened during the second stage of the reconstruction of the Přerov railway station. The management has not yet been involved, so railway safety has not been compromised. The thief caused damage to the construction company for CZK 230,000, spokesmen of the Railway Administration and the police announced yesterday.

The perpetrator stole the cables sometime between mid-December, and their disappearance was recorded this week on Tuesday, police said. "In the direction from Přerov to Olomouc, between several traction poles and cable shafts, they cut and stole seven pieces of new copper cables with a total length of 1785 meters. The electric cable was not live because it was a newly installed and unconnected line, railway," said spokeswoman Miluše Zajícová.

According to the Railway Administration, the event affected the second stage of the reconstruction of the Přerov railway station. "It solves the overall reconstruction of the Dluhonice turnout and the adjoining line section to Prosenice, including the derailleur. The railway administration was not damaged by theft; He added that this matter would not jeopardize the planned completion date.

Reconstruction of another part of the Přerov railway station for 3.8 billion crowns began at the beginning of 2020, its goal is to increase line speed, shorten train travel times and increase traffic safety. The modernization of this important railway junction, in which the three main railway lines meet at the Dluhonice turnout, is to be completed this year. The construction follows up on the already completed modernizations of the line sections from Přerov to Hranice na Moravě and to Olomouc, as well as on the completed first stage of the reconstruction of the Přerov junction.

Source: CTK