Ana Dumitrache, Country Head, CTP Romania, speaker at CEDER 2023

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2023-03-15   10:22
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Ana Dumitrache will be a speaker at the 16th edition of CEDER Real Estate Conference & Exhibition to take place on 18th of May, at Radisson Blu Hotel, in Bucharest.

Ana Dumitrache successfully runs the largest real estate company specializing in industrial and logistics in the country, with a portfolio of more than 2.3 million square meters sqm in 15 different locations in Romania and a complex team of more than 100 people, ranging from finance to project management and construction, through leasing, M&A and property management, always with a focus on business development.

A City University of Seattle alumna with a Financial MBA, Ana Dumitrache spent 18 years as a banker specializing in complex financing and real estate, building a reputation as a deal maker in the local real estate market. In 2016, she joined Remon Vos in the CTP Romania venture with the clear goal of transforming the local unit into a market leader and growth engine for the entire group. Which she has succeeded in doing, with the last three years marking an average 15% growth in CTP's portfolio and consolidating the market leadership position CTP has already achieved in 2017.

Ana Dumitrache is a leader who leads by example as well as by the power of the mind, with outstanding operational management skills, and unexpected creativity in many challenging situations in complex procurement structures and large lease transactions. With an impeccable reputation, she is one of the leaders tenaciously striving to raise standards and contribute to the development through transparency and fairness of the Romanian real estate market.

CEDER Real Estate Conference & Exhibition 2023 will see new exclusive breakout rooms open to CEDER delegates covering important topics and a brand-new 500 square meter exhibition space dedicated to developments, services, and products. With key property professionals gathered in a single venue, CEDER is a very powerful networking and marketing opportunity. For tickets reservations, please check our website:

CEDER Real Estate Conference & Exhibition 2023 confirmed Partners are: CTP, CBRE, AFI Europe, BMF Grup, WIREN, Iulius Group, REC immpuls/Hotspot, WDP, Lion’s Head, Forte Partners, CPI Romania, Popovici, Nitu Stoica & Asociatii, GTC Romania, Genesis Property, VASTINT, Filip & Company, Select Residences, NNDKP, Crosspoint Real Estate, Ceresit, Noerr, Speedwell, RENOMIA Gallagher, RUSTLER, BTD Construct, Conadi, Schoenherr, Tiriac Imobiliare, SVN Romania, Elco Heating Solutions, Optim Project Management.