Apsys Polska's first residential development in green housing

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-11-25   09:34
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Low-emission building materials, photovoltaic panels on roofs and anti-smog sidewalks around the estate - these are just some of the many green solutions Apsys Polska is implementing in its first residential development, Solea Mieszkania przy Wyścigach in Warsaw.

Modern, sustainably built housing estates are no longer just a fashionable trend, but an important part of the strategy of developers concerned with balancing the needs of residents with concern for the environment. Estates integrated with the existing environment, incorporating ecological and well-being solutions increase living comfort and support the integration of local communities. Such will be the Solea Apartments at the Races residential development. It is a boutique project of a higher standard, which is being developed in the Mokotów district at the intersection of Bartłomiej and Bokserska streets.

In the immediate vicinity of the project is the Służewiec Race Track and numerous recreational areas, which will allow residents to be close to nature and spend time actively. Also, the estate's design, which was prepared based on the principles of sustainable development, will promote relaxation, close contact with nature and care for the well-being of residents. These qualities are confirmed by the BREEAM Interim certificate at the Very Good level, which Solea obtained already at the design stage (Design Stage).

Two five-story buildings with cascading layouts are planned to house 91 comfortable apartments ranging from one to six rooms. The apartments will be distinguished by their above-standard height and large windows, which will provide excellent natural sunlight. Owners will also have individual outdoor spaces at their disposal - gardens, terraces, balconies and loggias.

"Solea Mieszkania przy Wyścigach is Apsys' first residential project, but it perfectly demonstrates the direction we want to take and sets the standards for our future developments. The excellent location, high standard, refined details in the common areas, as well as ecological and energy-efficient solutions make Solea a project that stands out in the market," says Cyril Plumecoq, Director of Operations at Apsys Poland.

The buildings are being constructed using environmentally friendly low-emission materials, including certified wood. Durable, aesthetically pleasing materials will be used to finish the common areas: natural stone, glass, ceramics, wood and metal. Photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roofs.

Ecological and energy-saving solutions have been found not only in the buildings themselves, but also in their immediate surroundings. An intelligent lighting system consisting of, among other things, low-energy luminaires will be used to illuminate the streets and paths next to the buildings, providing comfort to users and reducing energy consumption. Green areas have been designed based on the principle of biodiversity - numerous species of oxygen-efficient deciduous plants will be planted both in front of the buildings and on the internal patio. This will be primarily native vegetation, and therefore adapted to climate and weather conditions. In turn, an intelligent drip irrigation system will save water. In a favorable natural environment, there will be no shortage of resting places and a multifunctional playground for the project's youngest residents. Bird and insect boxes are also planned, which will allow daily interaction with nature.

The investor will also take care of the estate's immediate surroundings, including landscaping and planting low and medium-growing trees in the urban area directly adjacent to the development. In addition, anti-smog paving slabs will be laid along the buildings. Their purpose is to reduce emissions of harmful nitrogen dioxide into the atmosphere. Under the buildings there will be an underground parking lot with parking spaces, and handy car repair kits will be placed at the entrances to the stairwells from the garage hall. There will also be a trolley room and bicycle storage facilities on the same level, and in front of the buildings there will additionally be racks with spaces for single-tracks.

The development provides access to extensive public transportation infrastructure, including two nearby subway stations - Służew and Ursynów - as well as a wide range of retail, services, education and recreational areas, which increase the comfort of life in the estate and support the well-being of residents. Construction is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2024.