Archaeological finds at the construction site on D6

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-03-03   09:42

Archaeological finds are on the site of the construction of another section of the D6 motorway near Krupá in the Rakovnicko region, and research is continuing here. The construction of the highway should start in July, ie at a previously planned date. However, it will depend on the course of the tender for the works and on the number and type of archaeological finds, according to Martin Buček from the communication team of the Directorate of Roads and Motorways (ŘSD).

"Already within the survey, 1609 artifacts were found. The set of daubs was the most numerous, a total of about 736 pieces. This was followed by atypical ceramics, which numbered 472 pieces," said Buček. The finds are from various periods, from the Neolithic through the Bronze Age to modern times.

During the survey, experts used probes to select four areas with findings, their total size is 61 square meters. Now the employees of the Czech Archaeological Society will continue the so-called rescue research on them.

The more than six-kilometer section D6 near Krupá should be completed in 2024. The value of the contract is approximately 1.9 billion crowns. Last November, ŘSD put into operation two completed sections of the D6 in the Rakovnicko region, namely the Řevničovo bypass and the Nové Strašecí - Řevničov section. In Central Bohemia, three parts of the D6 now remain to be completed, in addition to the section near Krupá, parts near Hořesedel and Hořovičky.

Source: CTK and ŘSD