ATAL Olimpijska in Katowice has now reached its target structural height

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2023-11-14   16:02
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In Katowice, on Olimpijska Street, ATAL, a nationwide developer, is carrying out an investment that includes the construction of the tallest residential building in the region. This 35-storey Silesian skyscraper will measure 128.66 m and has now reached its target structural height. To mark the occasion, a traditional construction ceremony, the so-called topping-out ceremony, was held.

"A sizable composition, made of conifer branches and symbolic carpentry paraphernalia, was hoisted up to the top floor using a crane. The ceremony was attended by, among others," Zbigniew Juroszek, CEO of ATAL, and Wojciech Wojciechowski, the Silesian architect who designed the building, as well as the construction crew and management.

"ATAL Olimpijska is our flagship project, with the tallest skyscraper in the company's history. Another ATAL high-rise, Sky+, is also under construction on the Solar Loop. This proves our perception of Katowice as a city of great market prospects and, at the same time, the demand for this kind of spectacular investments which add to the metropolitan character of the Upper Silesian metropolis," said Zbigniew Juroszek, ATAL's CEO.

Work on ATAL Olimpijska began in December 2021. The construction of the building was carried out using the self-climbing formwork system, which is a very efficient technique and at the same time guarantees the highest quality and safety. This enabled the work to progress quickly at a rate of around three storeys per month. At peak times, the construction crew numbered more than 300 workers. Now, installation work is being carried out on the building, the individual floors are being finished, and window joinery and special facade cladding are being installed. To improve communication, workers are using a passenger lift that travels at a speed of 40 metres per minute.

Although the skyscraper on Olimpijska Street has already reached its maximum height, it will still be a few metres shorter. This is due to the observation deck on the roof. It will be the spectacular crowning glory of the building and will allow residents and visitors to enjoy an impressive view of the Katowice skyline and even the mountains. The excellent visibility from the top of the high-rise building is also a result of its location on a hill. When completed, the building will reach its highest point at 411.16 m above sea level, making it the first in the region to do so.

The solutions designed in the high-rise are in line with the latest architectural and urban planning trends.
and urban planning trends. These include an aluminium façade with large glazing, a ventilated façade and glass-filled balustrades. The project envisages the use of modern, high-quality materials, including but not limited to: façade composite panels, mica façade plaster resistant to the ageing process. The finishing of the loggia floors is designed in the form of ceramic tiles without the use of glue.

The entire ATAL Olimpijska complex comprises a total of 710 flats and 17 commercial premises in three buildings. In addition to the 35-storey building (designation B), the other two (A and C) will each have 17 storeys. Building A has already been erected to its full height, while work on tower C is at the fun-dament plate stage.

The project is attracting a great deal of interest, not least because of its prestige, attractive location, class and scale. More and more flats are gradually disappearing from our offer, especially those located on the top floors. People buying them, whether for personal use or as a capital investment, are aware of the uniqueness of this investment. For the convenience of future residents, we have planned numerous amenities, such as bicycle rooms, rooms for accessories and a leisure area with greenery and small architecture. There will be a reception desk on the ground floor of the tallest building," says Angelika Kliś, a member of ATAL's management board.

Residents of ATAL Olimpijska will certainly appreciate the proximity of the city's infrastructure, leisure and entertainment venues as well as excellent access to public transport.

and leisure facilities as well as excellent access to public transport. The investment's advantages include the proximity of the Culture Zone and the surroundings of modern buildings characteristic of Katowice, such as the NOSPR headquarters, the International Congress Centre, the Spodek or the Silesian Museum.

The flats are on sale at the developer's Katowice office at 10 Porcelanowa St. The prices range from PLN 11,200 to 16,700 per square metre in shell condition. For an additional fee (from PLN 999 to PLN 1,499 per sqm), buyers can have their "M" turnkey finished under the ATAL Design programme, in one of three available packages: Basic, Optimum and Premium.

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