Aurec Home is building the history of Ursus with Fabrica Ursus estate

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-09-14   07:40
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The developer will recreate the atmosphere of the historic Ursus Mechanical Plant, replacing its fragment with a new, urban usable space - the Fabrica Ursus estate.

The latest investment by the developer Aurec Home is an innovative project that, in line with postmodern architectural trends, brings back to life and preserves the remains of the old, historical part of the city and gives it back to the urban community in the form of a functional and green housing estate.

The creator of the project is architect Adam Wagner, president of the PBPA Projekt design studio, responsible among others, for the Warsaw Spire office complex. For Wagner, the priority goal in creating Fabrica Ursus was to integrate two visions of the city - new and historic into one, full of green, functional “monument” of the past. For this purpose, details and relics, left over from the former factory buildings, were used to finish the design. It was Adam Wagner's own creative initiative, who wanted to emphasize the remains of buildings as much as possible, and treat contemporary details only as a background for industrial elements.

The creators of Fabrica Ursus want the residents of the estate to be accompanied by the heritage of this part of the city at every turn, which is why in the estate we will see gears embedded in the pavement or exposed production machines. On the other hand, fragments of the metal roof structure will be used as architectural details. Aurec Home also decided to use an innovative industrial theme in the form of brick parts of buildings, used from post-industrial remains.

“In our vision, industrial elements are to be visible at all stages of the estate. I hope that they will arouse curiosity in the inhabitants and a desire to learn about the history of this place," says architect Adam Wagner, president of the PBPA Projekt design studio.

The Aurec Home project follows the world's hottest architectural trends - post-industrialism and the new Bauhaus. The loft style, which is characterized by elements inspired by industrial architecture, is currently the most desirable European trend. On the map of Europe, Fabrica Ursus will join such prestigious projects as the revitalized London port district Docklands or gas meters in Vienna.

“Combining the elements of the Factory from the side of Ogniowa Street with the residential function. it is very interesting and very functional at the same time. We have managed to integrate modern architecture, the contemporary function of a housing estate with the historical function,” says Wagner about the project.

The estate, the sale of which started in June this year, will be an investment in line with global industrial projects. On a plot of 2.5 ha, the developer plans to build 800 apartments, ranging in size from 35 to 100 sqm, located in 6-7-storey residential buildings. The complex is located near the railway station in Ursus, also future residents will reach the center in just a dozen minutes. The expected date of commissioning the investment is 2027.