Barton family’s holding company takes stake in ARCIDA Advisors

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-09-15   08:17

Going forward, investment and asset manager ARCIDA Advisors will work closely with the fully integrated property investment manager Barton Group. The holding company of the Barton family has acquired a stake in ARCIDA Advisors. The partners identified significant momentum for investments into real estate-secured loans with upside and restructuring potential on the property market. Other focal points in the segment are advisory, asset management and service mandates. Institutional investors and family offices will receive access to investment opportunities in German-speaking countries via the fully integrated investment manager Barton Group and ARCIDA Advisors’ platform.

“The property market is currently seeing a paradigm shift. Riding the cycle is yesterday’s strategy,” said Dominik Barton, CEO of Barton Group. “That is why demand for companies which can realise returns through working the underlying asset has soared. Market potential for real estate-secured debt is becoming increasingly higher as existing loans will be taken over, for example to secure successful completion of a project developments through specialist investment expertise. We will fill this void. We see attractive opportunities for potential investors in the segment. ARCIDA Advisors’ debt expertise combined with the engine room and institutional knowhow of the Barton Group will open up a functioning platform to investors, which maps out all debt investment and property restructuring processes.”

Michel Anter, Managing Partner of ARCIDA Advisors, adds: “Inflation, interest rate reversal, war and late effects of the pandemic have moved us along into a new market cycle. Over the coming months, even solid property projects will come under pressure and capital needs will rise. Distressed debt situations will come to the fore. The partnership with Barton Group links the real estate and restructuring expertise of ARCIDA Advisors with the strong position of Barton Group within the institutional investment market. We are thus well prepared for the new market cycle and able to make targeted investments in property and debt opportunities.”

Barton Group has dispatched Dr. Jörg Dornbusch, an experienced property and capital markets expert, as Managing Director to support ARCIDA Advisors’ management team – which to date consists of Andre Barth, Michel Anter, Oliver Platt and Renaud Linclau. As restructuring expert, he will be responsible for workouts. He continues in his role as Director Transaction Management at Barton Group. He has more than 21 years of experience in the finance and property industry. Among previous professional stations of the legal practitioner are Hudson Advisors, Cerberus / LNR, Credit Suisse, Lenwood Capital and Sabal / Oaktree.

Photo: Dominik Barton, CEO of Barton Group