Benešov prepares construction on the site of the former Tábor barracks

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-01-05   10:48

Benešov is preparing an amendment to its zoning plan that will allow further development of the former Tábor barracks site. It is expected to be approved by the deputies in April. Some buildings still need to be demolished on the site of the former barracks and developers could then build apartments on the site, announced deputy mayor Roman Tichovský (ODS)..

The city has already had some of the buildings removed, but it still needs to continue. "We still have three buildings to demolish. We should demolish them and recycle the material so that the area is ready for further development," Tichovský said.

According to him, the area is planned to include apartment buildings and individual construction, as well as civic amenities. A school and a kindergarten or a sports ground should also be built there. "We assume that the developers will participate financially in the construction," the deputy mayor added. The construction would be done in phases, with one of the buildings to include urban housing.

Residential construction has already started earlier in part of the 25-hectare site, which is governed by a regulatory plan. This document allows for the creation of apartment and family houses, a school, mixed development, sports facilities or a park. At the same time, a land-use study is being prepared, which the city intends to use to amend the zoning plan. The zoning study is to replace the regulatory plan in the part where construction has not yet started. The aim, according to the town hall, is to make better use of the entire barracks area.

The former administration of Benešov wanted to build an entertainment centre such as Mirákula, Techmania or Legoland in the dilapidated brownfield, which the town once took over from the army, to boost tourism. The current management of the town hall rejects this.

Source: CTK