Bidli holding sets up joint venture with Insight Home

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-11-25   07:18

Bidli holding and and Insight Home have formed a joint venture called Bidli technologie with the goal of becoming the largest provider of supplier of renewable sources of energy and of related services. Bidli technologie will supply and install photovoltaic panels as well as complete consultation and administrative support and financing. Bidli holding has 35 branches around the Czech Republic and a team of 700 professionals. Chairman Jiri Lejnar said he wants the company to be seen as a technology company that's also ecological. Insight Home provides a complete home management platform from which a home's heating system, entertainment and security systems can be controlled. When combined with Bidli's skillset, Bidli technologie will be able to advise clients whether solar panels are a good investment, supply and install the panels while handling the necessary paperwork along with integrating them into a sophisticated home management system. Bidli Power can even offer several electricity supply packages, including a virtual battery system through which home owners with solar panels can "store" excess electricity capacity.