Bidli launches sale of building plots near Pilsen

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-03-14   11:14
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The company Bidli has started selling plots of land ready for development with modern family houses. A total of 20 plots with project documentation and valid building permits are located in the desirable Dýšina locality adjacent to Pilsen. Almost immediately on them can start construction.

The Bidli project in Dýšina comprises a total of 20 building plots ranging from 535 to 794 m2, which are designated in the zoning plan as areas for housing in family houses. In addition to the project documentation, all of them include a valid building permit for a 5+kk two-storey house with a usable area of 141 or 260 m2, which Bidli is able to start building in a short period of time. The developer offers the possibility of building a prefabricated wooden house on a turnkey basis, but if the developer chooses to prepare the house for its own completion or to build it only to the stage of rough construction. The buyer can also opt for individual construction according to their own design, in which they must comply with the local zoning plan. The latter defines the character of this particular development with a plot development coefficient of optimally 0.25 and a maximum of 0.40. Thus, a single-storey house with a habitable attic or a two-storey house without an attic can be built on the plot.

The preparation of the project is in full swing: work is currently underway on the electricity and public lighting, followed by the remaining technical and transport infrastructure.

"We are delighted to be able to launch this great offer on the market, which will allow interested parties to buy a house that suits their lifestyle and needs. We believe that the main advantages of the Bidli project in Dýšina lie in the ideal size of the separate plots and their location in an optimal location. It will provide people with pleasant family living in a quiet village in the countryside, which also has the necessary civic infrastructure and is only a few minutes away from the regional city," says Roman Weiser, Director of Development and Construction at Bidli development, adding: "Moreover, it is a good long-term investment. Land prices have never fallen and even now - unlike other types of real estate - are still rising slightly. As part of Bidli's comprehensive services, we also offer interested parties assistance with financing or the option of cooperative housing."

The design of the Bidli project in Dýšina also takes into account developments in the energy market and the increased interest in low-energy housing. If this eco-efficient wooden building is chosen, new residents can look forward to a modern house that is largely independent of distributors' supplies. All houses have combined heating with air-to-air heat pumps and their own photovoltaic power plant on the roof, in addition to electric space heaters.

Desired peace with all the advantages of the city
The village of Dýšina, in the past named Village of the Year of the Pilsen Region, is located in a quiet area 8 km northeast of Pilsen. There are all civic amenities with cultural and sports facilities. Within a 5-minute drive you can reach shops, restaurants, medical clinics or the post office. Families with small children will appreciate the kindergarten and school within walking distance. Next to the project there is a playground with play elements.

Dýšina offers easy access to the centre of Pilsen, whether by car, train or bus. Of course there are night lines. The on-ramp to the D5 motorway, about 4 km away from the project, provides a quick connection to Prague (about 50 min). There is a cycle path around the project site.

New residents can enjoy various sports activities in the vicinity, such as cycling, skating or swimming. They can also go to the nearby golf resort, wakeboarding and water skiing area or pumptrack. The nearby Ejpovice and Klabava reservoirs are often popular fishing destinations. The surrounding area is dominated by beautiful nature, which offers plenty of places to go for a hike or a walk.