Biedronka's sales calculated in PLN increased by 12.8% y / y in Q4 2021

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-01-13   08:22

Sales in the Biedronka chain increased in total, calculated in PLN, by 12.8% y / y in the fourth quarter of last year, and in EUR, it increased by 10% y / y to 3,912 million euro, chain owner Jeronimo Martins said, presenting preliminary results. Sales in comparable (like-for-like, LFL) stores, calculated in PLN, increased in this period by 9.8% y / y.

In 2021, sales in local currency increased by 11%, including LFL by 8.3%. In euro, sales reached EUR 14.5 billion, 8% higher than in 2020..

In 2021, sales of Biedronka accounted for 69.6% of the revenues of the entire Jeronimo Martins group, compared to 69.8% a year earlier. Total sales of the Jeronimo Martins Group last year increased by 10.7% y / y to EUR 20.89 billion, it was announced.

By engaging in the quality and efficiency of the chain of stores, Biedronka opened 164 new locations (135 new stores net), exceeding the plan for 2021, and remodeled a total of 334 stores during the year, the company stated.

At the end of last year The Biedronka chain consisted of 3,250 outlets.

The total area of ​​stores was 2.24 million sqm at the end of last year, compared to 2.12 million sqm a year earlier.

Source: Biedronka and ISBnews