BIK: The value of loans granted to micro-entrepreneurs increased by 61.6% y / y in April

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-09-30   09:51

Banks granted more loans to microenterprises, both in terms of value (+ 31.2% y / y) and number (+ 20.4% y / y) in August 2021 - i.e. 11 , 9 thous. loans for a total amount of PLN 1.66 billion, the Credit Information Bureau (BIK) reported.

In August 2021, compared to August 2020, banks granted more loans to micro-enterprises, both in terms of numbers (+ 20.4%) and value (+ 31.2%). In terms of numbers, banks granted by ( + 39.9%) more overdrafts, (+ 16.9%) more working capital loans and less (-17.4%) investment loans. The value of loans granted in August 2021 increased compared to August 2020 . investment loans by (+ 36.8%), working capital loans by (+ 26.5%) and overdraft facilities by (19.9%), according to the BIK report.

In the period of January-August this year, banks granted micro-entrepreneurs a total of 101,600 loans in the amount of PLN 14.04 billion, which means an increase in the number of loans granted by 15% y / y, and the value of loans granted increased by +21.5% y / y.

The quality of the microbusiness loan portfolio stabilized mainly due to credit moratoria (credit holidays), most of which have already ended. It was indicated that despite this, no abrupt deterioration in the quality of the portfolio also emerged in terms of loans subject to moratoria.

The largest improvement in the index in the 12-month period was recorded in the case of working capital loans (-3.12), slightly smaller for overdraft facilities (-0.36). Investment loans (+0.04) recorded a 12-month deterioration, the report announced.

In August this year. 72% of the loans granted are in two sectors: 5.6 thous. contracted by service companies (47%) and 2.9 thousand. commercial (24.4%).

In August 2021, the highest y / y increases in the number of loans granted concerned construction financing (+ 34.9%).

In the case of services, the increase was (+ 19.7%), and production (+18.2%). The lowest growth was recorded in loans to micro-entrepreneurs from the commercial sector (+14.8%).

In terms of value, in August 2021 compared to August 2020, the highest positive dynamics concerned loans from micro-entrepreneurs from the construction sector (+ 55.2%) and production (+ 34.7%), BIK reported.

Source: BIK and ISBnews