Bogdan Pandele renounces partnership with Maximilian Crăciun

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2022-12-29   13:32

Businessman Bogdan Pandele, the son of the mayor of Voluntari, renounces, due to some misunderstandings in the partnership with Maximilian Crăciun, with whom he is developing a project with villas and apartments in Voluntari.

Bogdan Pandele is developing the residential project Avangarde Forest by Mirador, located in Voluntari, on a plot of 11,513 sqm. In this business, at the beginning of 2022, he associated with a company of Maximilian Crăciun and his wife, Maria Cancino Estrada. The two investors planned to start in November this year the second stage of development of this project, which includes the last 18 homes and a block with 20 apartments. The entire complex is to have, in total, 45 houses and a block of flats.

At the end of November, however, Crăciun's company exited this real estate project, by selling the shares to Bogdan Pandele, who thus became the sole owner of the developer company. The decision to abandon the partnership was made by mutual agreement and was caused by disagreements between the parties regarding the further development of the residential complex.