Bouygues Immobilier will launch min. 200 apartments in Warsaw by the end of this year.

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-09-12   15:55

Bouygues Immobilier Poland will introduce at least 200 new apartments in Warsaw by the end of this year, the developer said.

"Demand for apartments in Warsaw at the moment exceeds supply. Seeing customer interest in our existing investments, and taking into account the activation of those interested in buying their first property under the 2% Safe Loan, we are developing our offer and will soon launch new projects in the capital," said Sales and Marketing Director Cezary Grabowski.

The first project to be launched will be an intimate estate located near the Chrzanów subway station under construction. The developer obtained a building permit for the apartments at the end of August, and on September 11 purchased the land for the property, the company announced.

Source: Bouygues Immobilier and ISBnews
Photo: Nova Talarova - Bouygues Immobilier