Brno's new master plan receives 5,000 complaints

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-09-09   08:47

Brno's outdated masterplan has been in place since 1994, but its replacement continues to run into barriers that prevent its approval. The latest is an open letter signed by 10,000 residents who insist the plan should provide more space for green areas and less for the construction of new flats. The initiator of the letter, Nadezda Johanisova, says the plan should place more emphasis on pedestrian and bicycle traffic as well as better planning for rainwater management. In the three months since the proposed plan was published, residents and groups have submitted 5,000 objections. The new plan sets maximum heights for buildings, replacing the old index system which frequently led to conflicts between developers and residents. Brno's main architect claims the new plan will be more flexible and should therefor require fewer updates.